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Christmas is coming around again

Gosport Rotary provides agility equipment to Dogs Trust
Dogs Trust agility equipment


President Simon and I, together with our wives, went to Shoreham today to visit the Dog's Trust Centre to see the wonderful set of agility equipment that the people of Gosport have funded through our club. We are a firm believer in buying items that are needed rather than just handing over cheques, as it is a much better way of showing the public what their money buys. A large centre, with over 50 kennels, we were amazed at how modern it looked, and how good the facilities were for the dogs awaiting
rehoming.Welcomed by Tracey Rae, the centre manager, we were given a guide tour of the facility. Suffice it to say that we wanted to come home with at least four of the inmates! They make a flat charge of £120 for each re-home regardless of size or breed, and try to pair up all dogs in kennels so that they are never lonely. (they are always on the lookout for treats to give their animals, so a gift, however small, will always be appreciated. They also take old mobile phones for recycling)
A wonderful hour spent enjoying their hospitality, before retiring to a local hostelry for lunch, then home.
Gosport Rotary Arusha Water Project takes shape
Arush water project

Not only do we look after our own community, but through our International committee, we through shoe boxes and other projects, help those less fortunate abroad.
We are helping to fund a water saving project in a school in Tanzania in association with Brune Park School and the Golden Sunrise Rotary Club of Arusha. By completion we will have donated £6200. Below is an an edited progress report from the Arusha Rotary committee:
Ngareanaro Secondary School, Arusha, Northern Tanzania Progressive report June 12th 2016.

Funded by the Rotary Clubs of Gosport, and Golden Sunrise of Arusha,Tanzania, this project was set up to provide clean, safe water for students of the school who have no access to running water.
Clean water, the lifeblood of any community, is scarce among the Arusha people in northern Tanzania:
Students drink from polluted wells and suffer water-borne diseases.
Poor sanitation leads to trachoma, diaorrohea .
Students are obligated to bring water from their homes where water is also in short supply.
Illness and the hard work of gathering water impede education and students academic advancement.

The Water harvest and borehole at Ngaraernaro Secondary School is the most critically important step towards the health and
wellbeing of these students. Now, the Rotary clubs of Gosport and Golden Rose Rotary Club of Arusha are offering them hope by collaborating to install rain harvest water systems
and drill a borehole to bring clean water to over 1509 Students.

Rotary outgoings 2015_16
Here is what we have spent on local projects in the year
Rotary collections 2015_16
Tonight we bid adieu to this year's Rotary President, Ken Eckersley( but only as President), and in typical Rotary style we will attend "Dining the President" where, if we can get a table at KFC (other fast food outlets are available) the four of us who actually like him will attend. (Just joking, I think there maybe five).This led me to ponder over the last Rotary year and how much the people of Gosport have taken Rotary to their hearts, and wallets, so I have produced an approximate list of the contributions made this year. It makes fascinating reading.
Gosport Rotary Kid'sOut 2016
The first Rotary KidsOut Day Out took place 25 years ago on 13th June 1990 on a much smaller scale compared with today. The first day out in 1990 was organised by Kingston Rotary Club and Littlewoods organisation as a trial day out. The event proved to be very successful and the rollout soon began across the UK. Nowadays, KidsOut in partnership with Rotary takes up to 25,000 disadvantaged children on a Day to remember, and for Gosport Rotary that was a trip today to Marwell Zoo with pupils from Heathfield School in Fareham. Three packed mini buses wended their way to the Zoo with nine members of our club and met up with another 1500 children, carers, teachers and Rotarians, while another 1500 went to Paulton's Park. The animals were a great draw, and in the heat of the midday sun, we went in search of our lunch, provided free and served by our host club, before more exploration of the Park. (Animal pictures are nil because of my camera breakdown!) Everybody had a great day out, except my camera. After 6 shots it refused to work! After taking off the lens, I discovered that the mirror had come away from its mount, so the rest of the day was done on my phone. If you know anyone locally that fixes Canon cameras, please let me know. ‪#‎KidsOut‬ ‪#‎GosportRotary‬
Gosprot Rotary Charity Kennel Club Dog Show
This year for the first time, we decided on a Charity Dog Show, and, after four months of planning meetings, committee meetings and copious cups of coffee, the great day and a half arrived. Half a day to prepare the ground and a day with the actual Show. We had no idea how many entries there would be, or how many people would just turn up to see what was going on, but to our amazement, hundreds of people and their pets turned up to a Park-filled festival of fun. More than 40 stall lined the sides of Walpole Park, while the bouncy Castles and food stalls were either end, and more than £4,000 was raised for worthy animal and local charities. A fitting end to President Ken's year.
Hundreds of pictures and fuller reports on our FB pages
A sad farewell to one of our Rotary members
Ian Ross
It is with great sadness that we recently lost one of our youngest members, Ian Ross, who died suddenly while at sea. He will be sadly missed, and our thoughts are with his young family at this time.
Gosport Rotary Young Chef Competition
Gosport Rotary's Young Chef winner Harriet Morgan 
In our third round of the Young Chef competition held in Bournemouth, Harriet Morgan of Bay House School came first and now faces her stiffest challenge in the Southern Region final to be held in Paignton, Devon.
Gosport Rotary Young Chef Competition
Youth Speaks competition at Cams Hall 
In our second round of the Rotary Youth Speaks competition held at Cams Hall School, Our Senior team from Bay House came out winners and go forward to the next round.
Gosport Rotary Christmas CD update
ASDA CD Food collection 
The unexpected success of my Christmas charity CD meant that the sales reached £1000, divided between the Gosport & Fareham Homeless charity and the Fareham and Gosport Foodbank. Our club added another £500 to the foodbank total meaning we could spend £500 at ASDA and £500 at Waitrose. This is the ASDA contribution with Waitrose to follow shortly.
Gosport Rotary Flood appeal update
Waitrose flood appeal 
With £962 collected from Waitrose, £500 already sent from club and the £1445.05 from ASDA meant that we were able to send £2857.30 to the Rotary Flood Appeal.
Gosport reacts to the floods up north.
ASDA flood collection 2015
As we have celebrated a Christmas full of happiness, our thought turned to those less fortunate who have had their lives disrupted by the many floods, so we went back to ASDA and Waitrose to ask for theirs and their customers support once more and they came up trumps. Last weekend we spent Friday and Saturday at ASDA and collected £1445.05. No sooner had it been counted Saturday night, than the money was sent by BACS straight to the Rotary Club of Keswick who are co-ordinating the Rotary flood appeal up there. We will be at Waitrose this weekend.
A Charity Christmas CD to aid Gosport Foodbank and the homeless.
(If you would like to order, please go to the bottom of the page.)
My Christmas CD goes viral!
Malcolm's Christmas CD 2015
What started out as a private family recording turned out to be a great way to fundraise, as the total sales reached £991! Half going to the food bank and half to the homeless is a good amount, but Rotary has made up the food bank share to £1000, so we will be going to buy their requirements as soon as we get them.
A Charity Christmas CD to aid Gosport Foodbank and the homeless.
(If you would like to order, please go to the bottom of the page.)

Supermarket customers swell local causes fund
ASDA and Waitrose collections 2015
Once the sleigh run was over, it was time for ASDA and Waitrose, and they didn't disappoint.£2174.56 between the two shows just how wonderfully generous the people of Gosport can be, so our thanks to all.
A Charity Christmas CD to aid Gosport Foodbank and the homeless.
(If you would like to order, please go to the bottom of the page.)
Gosport Santa Sleigh run 2015
Gosport Rotary Santa sleigh 2015
What a remarkable December it has been, with 14 out of 16 days around Gosport, bringing joy to countless families and at the same time collecting £4214 for local worthy causes. Well done to all, but especially Santa, who on occassions got rather damp. An awning next year methinks!
Shoe boxes are ready to go!
Rembrance Day shoe box sort
As today is Remembrance Sunday, Rotary was represented by our President and others to mark this special day, while more of us held our 2 minute silence in the midst of packing and unpacking of around 600 shoeboxes at our HQ, making sure that the 8 year old boy didn't get a hairband in his box, and the 12 year old girl didn't get gloves to fit a 6 year old in hers. Four hours solid sorting, wrapping and boxing later, all are ready for shipment next Sunday to Andover, where they will join the thousands of other boxes collected around our region, and I have added a map so you can see just how big our region is. Thank you so much to everybody who contributed boxes so that less well off children will have a present to remember this Christmas. (More pictures on FB.)
A Charity Christmas CD to aid Gosport Foodbank and the homeless.
(If you would like to order, please go to the bottom of the page.)

Our annual Shoe Box collection gets underway.
Christmas Shoe Box appeal
Such a busy day, shoebox wise - after collecting boxes from Bedenham this morning, it was back to HQ to carry on sorting and filing boxes under the eagle eye of International chairman Colin Davey. Then out this evening to meet Mary Tillman and her Trefoil Guild girls, who this year have surpassed themselves with three hundred boxes! It is always a special night, eagerly anticipated by Guides and Rotarians alike, when we visit Mary and her troop to pick up their contribution, and, once the boxes were loaded onto our van supplied free by Gosport Home Improvements, my guitar was brought into action as we sung our way through a medley of Cliff Richard and Christmas Carols before departing once again to HQ with our haul. Finally finished unloading at 9pm before returning home, tired but happy. More schools tomorrow!
Gosport Rotary Halloween Quiz raises £1000 for the first time!
Halloween Quiz
What a night! Over 100 people came to our Rotary Halloween Quiz at Saint Mary the Virgin Rowner to raise money for good local causes, and raise money we did. Thanks to a really generous offer by Rotarian Mike Pearce of the Old Lodge, our delicious curry meal cost next to nothing and we raised over £1000, so well done Gosport! (PS the next quiz will be in the spring.)
Gosport Rotary at District 1110 Conference in Bristol
Gosport Rotary attends 110 Conference in Bristol
Just arrived home from two fun packed informative days at our Rotary district 1110 conference in Bristol. 18 of us from the Gosport Club made the journey to the Marriott City Centre for our annual get-together with Rotary Clubs from our district:
Hampshire, East Dorset, South Wiltshire, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.
Our theme this year was "Be a gift to the World", a theme much expanded upon by our speakers.
Friday was registration day, and a look around Bristol was in order. We visited many years ago when I filmed the opening of a Holiday Inn, and I had forgotten just what a pretty place it was, and just filled with people of every imaginable kind.
There is always a dinner in the evening, and while four of us decided on a meal in town, the rest of our group joined the 300 odd others for a meal and talk by Jan Leeming. Our own Colin Davey took the important role of Sergeant at arms, controlling all of the delegates for the two days. We went to a steakhouse in town! (For my full report and pictures go to Gosport Rotary FB page)
Gosport Rotary and Saint Mary's Church break records.
Michaelmas Fayre 2015
Well, what a day! So much to report on what turned out to be a record breaking day all round at the Rotary Michaelmas Fayre. Our preparations started before 8am, and all ready stall holders were turning up to be sited. The amount of effort needed to plan an execute a day like that is immense, and thanks go to Simon and Graham for Rotary and the staff of Saint Mary's for their efforts. Our bottle stall, always a crowd-puller, was busy all day, with our bell ringing constantly every time a bottle of wine or spirits was won, and, thanks both to the FB people who turned up and helped swell the hundreds of people who attended, the people who donated the bottles, and the hundreds who bought tickets, we raised a total of £1,674.39, and a further £81.15 on the book stall run by Simon's son Darrel, to help local causes. Special thanks have to go to Richie Coulbert, Simon Mason and Charlie Sumner, who between them helped to not only label each bottle, but ferry all the equipment from around the area to make the day possible.
Although we make a big deal of the Bottle Stall as it is our only fundraiser of the day, the monies raised from all of the stall holders going to the Church and Gosport Mayor's charities, it must not be underestimated how much work the Rotarians not on the stall do, as they marshal, sort out stall holder problems, man the barricades around the village and generally do all of the work on the day to make the day run smoothly. The only (to my mind) silly H&S rule that we have to follow, is that as grown-ups, we are not deemed capable of seeing people across a road, so have to spend valuable charity money paying people who are trained (believe it or not) in the art of road crossing!
Our finale was the HMS Sultan Marching Band, and what a treat they gave to us.
A fitting end to another great Michaelmas Fayre.
Gosport Rotary mourns the lost of a valued member.
Peter Sellers
It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of one of our long term members, Peter Sellers. He had a long and distinguished standing in Gosport Rotary, and this address was made by Rotarian Clive Evans at his funeral.
"Peter’s career in banking brought him familiarity with the problems and needs of many people, which, within the bounds of commerce, he sought to solve.
In 1982 he was invited to join the Rotary Club of Gosport, bringing this experience with him, and he remained an enthusiastic member and supporter of the Club for over 30 years. The motto of the Rotary movement is ‘Service above Self’, and Peter exemplified that in many ways during his long membership.
Working his way up the ladder in the Club, Peter was a popular President in 1991, and also chaired various committees of the Club, which carry out the Club’s aims.
He had a very active year in 2000, when, as Chairman of our Community Committee, he was tasked with making a
difference in our local area, funding needy people and projects, arranging fund-raising events to provide for this and to keep Rotary’s name in the public eye.
Notable in his year was the forming of a team of Rotarians to assist in the repainting of Podds House Centre, when this was converted into a workshop for disadvantaged people.
Regularly he was Father Christmas at the Salvation Army; with his jolly face and beard he was halfway there into the part.
On a personal note, I remember regular and lengthy debates with him on the terms of the Pat Spring Fund, a charitable trust arising from a major donation to the Club.
Peter felt that as a lawyer I was adopting a pedantic attitude, and in the end begged me not to revive the subject, so it became a standing joke between us.
Until recently, the Club had fairly strict rules requiring regular attendance, now relaxed. That made no difference to Peter; he enjoyed both the work and the fellowship of Rotary. Pick any of our weekly meetings over the last 30 years, and you'd be pretty sure to find him there.
Every member of the Club is each year a member of one committee or another. Being a past President and considered as of ‘senatorial’ status is no bar to active participation, and as a regular at committee meetings, Peter did not hesitate to voice comments or helpful opinions.
Finally, many of us will also have a special memory of Peter, when we conduct the Alverstoke Michaelmas Fayre. For the last few years, bringing his own chair, he spent all day supervising at the Village Road gate, keeping traffic out of the village centre, but opening to let performers through.
In the Rotary tradition – Service above Self.
Gosport Rotary helps raise the roof for
Leesland School community swimming pool.
Leesland Swimming Pool presentation
The pool, which is currently used by up to 8 other local schools including a special school at different times throughout the school year, is preferred by many schools as it is a ‘teaching pool’ and was built as such.
With over 900 swims per week this is a valuable asset to our community. Built in 1972 by parents who raised the funds for it, the pool has done wonderful service, but 43 years of wear has taken it's toll, especially on the roof, with an estimated cost of £55,000 to replace. Heating, insulation, lighting and a new front entrance takes this total to around £77,000, of which £31,400 has already been raised by the school, with no funding either from the Church or HCC. Once the monies raised reaches £40,000, the school can apply for a grant from the Sports Council, and it was to reach this target that Gosport Rotary was approached by Kate Dowell of the Federation of Leesland Schools, who decided to donate £5,000 towards the total. Rotarian President Ken Eckersley and Community Service chairman Peter Hitchcock were invited to morning assembly, followed by the cheque presentation. (Pictured above with Kate Dowell)
Gosport Rotary October Quiz - Team spaces nearly full!
Rotary Quiz October 2015

Gosport Shed and Gosport Rotary hit the Nationals!
Gosport Shed with Gosport Rotary
Great news this week. Gosport Shed and Gosport Rotary have a page in the Daily Mirror. Rotarian and shed member Les Blackburn features heavily in this article, and shows the link between the Shed and Rotary. He is currently making a Rotary rickshaw for Santa to visit the boys and girls of Gosport helped by his colleagues at the Shed. There has never been a better time to join one or both of these marvellous organisations, so if you feel you have time to spare and want a great way to fill it, we are here!
Annual Hog Roast great success
Annual Hog Roast
It wouldn't be a summer Bank Holiday saturday without a BBQ, or in this case a hog roast. Originally planned for a back garden, worries about the weather prompted a move to the Alverstoke parish centre. Having a man of God amongst our members, however, following prayers of intercession, meant that we were guaranteed fine weather, and a jolly fine afternoon it turned out to be. 70 odd (numbers that is, not the people) turned up to a sumptuous feast of pig and pudding(catchy title, don't you think?) provided by some of our ladies(and Ken!) An impromptu raffle in what was a fellowship event, with wines donated generously by Nick, produced a £250 profit to further good causes locally, so winners all round! well done to all concerned.
Almost a Rotarian
Pam Edgar in Librazhd
The Paul Harris Fellowship is the highest award an individual club can make to someone who has clearly gone ' that extra mile ' or even further in fulfilling the Rotary motto of ' Service Before Self ' .
Over the years the Rotary Club of Gosport has seen sterling work by men and women in our club and in our town in achieving exceptional results for the benefit others and in supporting the Club or the Rotary movement . The club has made the award not just to individual Rotarians whom we have seen in action, but also to well known members of our local community whose work called for recognition.
One of the most deserved awards made was to Pam Edgar. For many years her husband Rotarian Adrian has been at the centre of organised community events in the Borough, and in all these years Pam worked alongside Adrian and was his irreplaceable right hand. When Adrian's overseas interests through Rotary and the shoebox scheme took him to Albania's remote and backward areas in wintertime , Pam was with him and shared his achievements in bringing much needed help and friendship to all they met.
Few Rotarians could produce a trackrecord to equal Pam's. Sadly she died on 29 May 2015, but her spirit in helping others lives on . Donations made in her memory have been used to provide much needed equipment for the Maternity unit in Librazhd ,Albania
Adrian has the deepest sympathy from all of us in Gosport Rotary Club,and we also mourn the passing of a loved friend and one whose tireless work for others made us look upon her as almost a Rotarian in her own right.
Rotary Club of Ventnor visit
Rotary Club of Ventor visit
Visits to other clubs is a great way to find out what Rotarians are doing elsewhere, and one of the beauties of Rotary is that you can visit a club anywhere in the world and be welcomed. I personally have visited clubs in countries as diverse as diverse as; Albania, America and Africa, but tonight's visit was somewhat nearer home, in fact just two ferries and two car journeys took us to the Rotary Club of Ventnor in the Isle of Wight, a club we have been close to for more than 20 years. Although smaller in number than Gosport, they are one of eight clubs on the island, and do extremely well in the charity money raising stakes, often in combination with other island clubs. Where we are enjoying our association with Albania, they have made remarkable inroads in Romania, helping to refurbish a school that no running water and no sanitation. Nine of us made the journey and had a thoroughly good evening. Thank you Ventnor - here is to your next visit to us.
Rotary welcomes two new members
Our latest addditions to the Rotary family
Tonight's Rotary meeting at the Old Lodge Gosport saw two new members, Barry Arundel and Charlie Sumner, inducted to the club by this year's President Ken Eckersley.
If you fancy joining this fabulous band of do-gooders, please contact Graham, our secretary.
PHF features in the News
PHF award in News feature
Following Malcolm Dent's Paul Harris Fellowship award, the News were keen to find out about it's history and why I had been awarded it, so our President, Ken and I entertained Ellie, our new local reporter while she took notes for friday's News feature.
News report and Caroline Dinenage
Rotary enjoys the summer at Stokes Bay
Rotary Jazz evening at Pebbles
Although we in Rotary are deadly earnest about the money we raise for good causes at home and abroad, we still find plenty of time for another of Rotary's ideals, fellowship. Most wednesdays throughout the summer (both weeks!) a group of us and our wives can be found either inside or outside of Pebbles restaurant on Stokes Bay seafront, enjoying jazz night with Jacuzzi Jazz, whilst watching the panorama of sailing vessels adorning the Solent in preparation for sunset.
Rotary celebrates our 97th President Ken Eckersley
Rotary President Ken Eckersley
Installation evening at Hornet Services Sailing Club saw the Presidential changeover from Richie Coulbert to Ken Eckersley, promising a glorious year ahead for Gosport Rotary and our local and international community.
Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship awarded
Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Malcolm Dent
Our installation concluded with a surprised Malcolm Dent being awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship for services to the club and Rotary.

Gosport Rotary Club have decided to issue the Hampshire Hog Rotary Club Badge better known as the little black pig. Residents of Hampshire are often colloquially referred to as 'Hampshire Hogs', a name which goes back into the mists of time, due to the fact that this pig was probably around when King Alfred ruled Wessex and Winchester was the capital of England AD 849-899.
We have now added the Chinese Dragon to our collection.
The Rotary Club is a fun organisation with a serious message. By buying the badge you not only get a cute little critter but you will also help us in our quest to help people that are in need all over world. We have no paid staff and all proceeds will go to our charities.


We meet Thursday evenings at 6.45pm at the Old Lodge Alverstoke.
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